How tochoose Mattress Like A Pro

If we also take into account that we must assess the materials of the core of the mattress, the technology in its manufacture, the interior design (if it is ergonomic or not) and the exterior textile finishes, the process is even more complicated when this affects our night rest, therefore to our health and daily performance.

There comes a time when we have to replace our mattress that, after supporting our weight for seven days a week and 7-8 hours on average daily, has lost the properties that initially made it correct to support our body comfortably while we sleep, having become deformed or lost firmness, although externally it seems in good condition.

The consequences of sleeping on a mattress deformed, shaky or even making noise, directly affect your health with lack of concentration, anxiety, physical and mental fatigue, memory deficit and muscle pain, not only by the number of hours that we sleep (which are reduced by a poor state of the mattress) but also by the quality of sleep.

If every morning when you get out of bed you feel that you have not rested enough, you feel your back aching, with your lower back very loaded, everything indicates that the time has come to change the mattress.

The purchase of a mattress is an investment in your rest and your health. We change our mattresses approximately between 8 and 10 years of use, less time if they are of low quality, to be successful in the purchase decision we must take into account the following factors:

A very personal choice

Our tastes and preferences are very important in the purchase of the mattress, mainly the thermal sensation and the degree of firmness. There is no mattress that can be qualified as suitable for everyone; each one must find the one that best suits their needs and particular tastes. Experts have developed a mattress selector based on our experience of many years observing the physical characteristics that best suit each type of user and we have developed a ‘Mattress Selector’ that you can use by pressing the following button:

There are certain criteria that must be taken into account, in terms of size, for individual beds a width of between 90 and 110 is advisable cm, while for double beds the appropriate width ranges between 135 cm and 150 cm. The length of the bed should be between 10 and 15 cm. more than the user’s height.

If they are children’s beds, it depends on the age and size of the child. The height of the bed-mattress set has to be around 40 cm. As for firmness, a mattress that is too hard is as harmful as an excessively soft and inconsistent mattress. The mattress should be firm and provide support to the entire spine (including the lumbar area which is the most likely to suffer) when lying on the bed face up, so that the pressure of the body is distributed properly, the legs should be at a suitable height (slightly elevated) so as to favor blood circulation during sleep.

Possibly the factor that has more importance at the time of choosing the mattress is the type or technology of it. Mattresses can be manufactured in very different ways, technologies and materials, the

Most common are the springs and foaming (foam, latex, viscoelastic), as well as other minorities such as: air mattresses, water mattresses. Textile Mattresses (Fibers, Wool), mattresses that combine various technologies and materials, etc.

Viscoelastic Mattress

The mattress made of viscoelastic material is made up of 2 or more layers, the upper one being at least 6 cm long, made of viscoelastic material whose main characteristic is to adapt to the shape of the body depending on the pressure and temperature of the body.

The viscoelastic material takes the form of our body when we lie down, and it takes a few seconds to disappear when the user changes position, hence it is usually known as the mattress with memory effect. This characteristic makes these mattresses the ideal ones for the reduction of the corporal pressure that the viscoelastic material provides getting a great comfort. For more information on viscoelastic material, search for