How tochoose Mattress Like A Pro

If we also take into account that we must assess the materials of the core of the mattress, the technology in its manufacture, the interior design (if it is ergonomic or not) and the exterior textile finishes, the process is even more complicated when this affects our night rest, therefore to our health and daily performance.

There comes a time when we have to replace our mattress that, after supporting our weight for seven days a week and 7-8 hours on average daily, has lost the properties that initially made it correct to support our body comfortably while we sleep, having become deformed or lost firmness, although externally it seems in good condition.

The consequences of sleeping on a mattress deformed, shaky or even making noise, directly affect your health with lack of concentration, anxiety, physical and mental fatigue, memory deficit and muscle pain, not only by the number of hours that we sleep (which are reduced by a poor state of the mattress) but also by the quality of sleep.

If every morning when you get out of bed you feel that you have not rested enough, you feel your back aching, with your lower back very loaded, everything indicates that the time has come to change the mattress.

The purchase of a mattress is an investment in your rest and your health. We change our mattresses approximately between 8 and 10 years of use, less time if they are of low quality, to be successful in the purchase decision we must take into account the following factors:

A very personal choice

Our tastes and preferences are very important in the purchase of the mattress, mainly the thermal sensation and the degree of firmness. There is no mattress that can be qualified as suitable for everyone; each one must find the one that best suits their needs and particular tastes. Experts have developed a mattress selector based on our experience of many years observing the physical characteristics that best suit each type of user and we have developed a ‘Mattress Selector’ that you can use by pressing the following button:

There are certain criteria that must be taken into account, in terms of size, for individual beds a width of between 90 and 110 is advisable cm, while for double beds the appropriate width ranges between 135 cm and 150 cm. The length of the bed should be between 10 and 15 cm. more than the user’s height.

If they are children’s beds, it depends on the age and size of the child. The height of the bed-mattress set has to be around 40 cm. As for firmness, a mattress that is too hard is as harmful as an excessively soft and inconsistent mattress. The mattress should be firm and provide support to the entire spine (including the lumbar area which is the most likely to suffer) when lying on the bed face up, so that the pressure of the body is distributed properly, the legs should be at a suitable height (slightly elevated) so as to favor blood circulation during sleep.

Possibly the factor that has more importance at the time of choosing the mattress is the type or technology of it. Mattresses can be manufactured in very different ways, technologies and materials, the

Most common are the springs and foaming (foam, latex, viscoelastic), as well as other minorities such as: air mattresses, water mattresses. Textile Mattresses (Fibers, Wool), mattresses that combine various technologies and materials, etc.

Viscoelastic Mattress

The mattress made of viscoelastic material is made up of 2 or more layers, the upper one being at least 6 cm long, made of viscoelastic material whose main characteristic is to adapt to the shape of the body depending on the pressure and temperature of the body.

The viscoelastic material takes the form of our body when we lie down, and it takes a few seconds to disappear when the user changes position, hence it is usually known as the mattress with memory effect. This characteristic makes these mattresses the ideal ones for the reduction of the corporal pressure that the viscoelastic material provides getting a great comfort. For more information on viscoelastic material, search for

Perfect guide while going to purchase new mattress for your bed

Buying a mattress is a time consuming and necessary decision and you need to consider several factors to ensure that you have good quality mattress which suits fit for your sleeping needs. Here are some tips that can help you if you are thinking to buy a new mattress for your bed:

Establish your budget to pick the right mattress

First of all, it is essential for every person to establish the right budget while going to buy a good mattress. Some of the mattresses are very expensive and it is not easy for everyone to afford it. However, you need to keep the thing in mind that you should never make any compromise with the quality of mattress if you have low budget. In these days, online stores are good option to consider as at this platform you can easily find memory foam mattress at affordable price within your budget and the manufacturers assure to provide guaranteed services to their customers so that you should never regret on your decision.

Determine the size of mattress

With lots of brands in the market, you will easily get variety of mattress sizes that are available to meet your specific needs and requirement. You need to consider your requirements and then you can easily visit a market to make choice for the right size of mattress. You may also consider the weight and size of the sleeper while going to buy the right size of mattress for your bed. The selection of mattress will depend on the requirements of each and every individual in the market. There are various options available in the market according to the size of a mattress such as king, queen size, twin size and many more to meet the various needs of their customers.

Go to a trusted manufacturer

The quality and reliability of the mattress will surely depend on the manufacturer in the market. In the present day, you can find several brands and manufactures in the mattress market that offers great options for customers. It is very important for a customer to go to a trusted and reliable mattress store to get excellent features and high-quality mattress and assure about the durability and quality of the mattress.

Check the reviews of various brands

On the online platform, you can easily check out the reliability of the brand and manufacturer available in the online store as you can easily see their customer’s reviews and feedback which tell you about the quality of services offered by the store to their customers. Now, it becomes easy and convenient for you to make effective comparison of two or more mattress options with their price and quality features which make it easy for you to choose one sleepjunkie.reviewfrom them.

Choose one best mattress type

You can see lots of mattress material in the market such as memory foam mattress, latex mattress, hybrid and innerspring mattress and all of these provide different level of comfort and support to the body of a sleeper. You need to consider one best from them which make your able to get best sleep without any disturbance and seem suitable for your body posture.

Getting a new mattress can boost your health

Do you want to get a priceless sleep then you need to buy quality mattresses for your health? Nowadays, everyone loves to be more focused on their work and it is required to fulfill your money goals too. When you find that you can’t sleep in well manner then you can try this one mattress for your sleep. The firm mattress has lot of benefits which you can get in your life to feel the freshness every day.

To maintain a comfort and good sleep in well manner, there is need to pick up the mattress in different qualities. If you are confused to buy any mattress for your home, then you can consult through employees of company unless you can get advice through your doctor. Actually, the mattress is the best to remove the pain of spine or back. Don’t think twice when option you still have to buy the memory foam mattress.

Division of wieght in right way

Make sure that weight of your body distributed in perfect way when you sleep at night. If you think to buy a soft mattress then your weight can’t allocate in the right way. There are number of problems will continue if you try to sleep on a soft surface. To manage the perfect flow of weight distribution, you can buy the firm mattresses.

Renewal of body

Actually, a good sleep requires maintaining happiness on your face and it also essential to make your body healthythe right way. The fact is this actually human body repairs on that time when you get a sleep of 8 hours.  Hormones activated in this position and all of the cells are restored and level of insulin also reduced in it. It is possible when you should buy the best mattress for the money for your home.

Get back what you pay

As you can see, a mattress always provides you more valuable sleep and it proves when you test the ability of your mattress. Nowadays, everyone wants to get back what he/she should pay for that product. When you want to get back all this then you have to buy quality mattresses from trusted one.

Get actual support

A mattress is not only providing a sleep-in better posture and handles entire type of sleeping positions. But it will help you to deals with support and it supports your spinal cord which is main part of human body. You can make your body parts well with help of mattresses and get the right supports which suits your body.

Relieve out from all pressure

If you have an old mattress then you can see, you have pain and aches in more pressure points in your body. You will get relief from all these pressure points and make your spine core and back perfect. So, if you want to get relief from all pains then you have to check the comfort level of that mattress.

Let’s see pros and cons of hard mattresses

At this present time, the issues of various body pains are increasing day after day. You can’t say something fixes the ideas if you can use wrong mattress.If you want to fix these issues, then you have to choose the right mattress for you. The right mattress is appropriate for you with perfect sleeping postures. After buyingthe perfect one, you never see pains and many other problems in your body parts.

Like some people love to sleep on a hard mattress and some loves to sleep on soft mattress. Actually, both of them are different according to their body structure and sleeping positions. If you love to sleep on a hard mattress then you will get information about their advantages and disadvantages now.


Neutral spine position

Actually, this mattress is perfect for your spine position and you never feel pain in the lower back when you keep this mattress for your home. You can feel relaxed and do your workout in a perfect way when you use this hard mattress. Actually,a hard mattress set on the area properly never moves easily. So, you can sleep easily without any risk on this mattress. If you want to know about this mattress then you should go with online mattress reviews.

Perfect circulation system

You know that your body needs blood flow to maintain proper metabolism system. When you sleep, the flow of blood in your body is increased and you have to get this mattress to your perfect circulation system. You can get rid of all the disease and remove all pain and aches from your body after use of this mattress.

It supports all postures

This would help you and supports all your body postures easily. When you should take decision to buy this mattress then you can sleep in any posture. It maintains your body in well manner and protects your body from sudden pains. There is needed to buy a mattress really which supports to your body positions in every way.

Being comfortable

Being comfortable is the first thing which everyone wants when they should buy mattresses for their home. If you can’t feel comfortable on your bed, then you never wake up with freshness morning. You should get mattress which caters you with comfort instead of comfortless.


Body weight can’t divide properly

Whenever you buy hard mattress for your sleep then you can’t maintain your body position due to imperfect weight division. Through you would get benefits from your mattress then you need to buy it after consultation. With reviews, you can get many things and avoid all those drawbacks which you should face after imperfect body distribution of weight.

Generate lower back problems

Really you face lower back problems when you should buy this mattress for your sleep. It never helps you relax, and you feel more back pain. So, you have to buy a mattress which is soft to avoid the back pain and many other body part pains.

The Philosophy of Mattress

For your youngest family member, who dreams of the sweetest and most beautiful dreams, you certainly want a mattress that will feel like floating on the cloud. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully choose the choice of mattress, which will satisfy all your comfort and comfort requirements.

How to Choose a Mattress fora Baby?

Let’s start at the beginning of this part of the text to clarify what is actually a mattress and what it serves, without being the classic explanation we all know.

So, the basic function of the mattress is that it is a support that supports the parts of the body that are heavy to us.

Here we mean the shoulders and hips

In this part, the mattress is most shaped towards the one who sleeps on it, so that the arms, legs, and the back remain the same level.

Few people know, but while we lie, the spine should be the same shape as when we stand.

On poor quality mattresses, this is not the case, so the spine is curved in the shape of the Latin letter S, and you certainly do not want it for your baby, but the best quality mattress with the best features.

Some of the most popular baby mattresses are those who follow the best-known world producers in terms of quality, while making use of refills from high-quality foam types.

Types of Mattress

The mattress can be:

  • with a wire core
  • No wire cores
  • mattresses with latex core
  • mattresses for cradles
  • Mattresses for portable cribs.

What Kind of Mattress for The Baby Should Be?

  • Of course, you want the best, but maybe you do not know what the best, in fact, it means?
  • So, it is very important from which the mattress is made.
  • First of all, it must be pleasant to touch and very important – anti-allergic.

A mum is not a thing that is bought every day, and it takes him to serve your child for a long time, while remaining as a new one, that is, not to take some deformities and damages over time.

In this longevity, the quality of baby mattresses is also reflected.

When you put your baby on the mattress, he must be comfortable and comfortable to sleep.

Mattresses for Babies – Experiences

Do you ever think about how bad mattresses are wrong for the improper development of the spine of a child?

Buying a mattress is by no means a place to save money.

On the contrary

  • It is necessary to keep in mind that in this age of children, the formation of musculature, the proper holding of the body, and the overall psycho-physical development and growth occur.
  • The choice of mattress is directly responsible for the health of your child, and his choice should be given special attention.
  • The mattresses for babies are made according to certain standards and the necessary standards for baby cribs.
  • For the tranquil dream of your child and you, choose the best and best quality mattresses for babies.

There are various beds to unwind. On beds that are virtually folded mattresses, where the drawer pulls out and double sponge switches, the child can sleep. When it comes to bedding, they usually have mattresses of about ten centimeters thick, which is only for temporary sleep. The beds of the type of armchairs are very uncomfortable, so I would not recommend it.

When can a child start using a pillow?

Babies do not use a pillow, and for a child up to two and a half, the pillow is not needed for three years. The pillow serves to fill the hole between the shoulder and the head when we sleep. Medium-sized pillows, ranging from ten to fifteen centimeters, are recommended.

If it is asleep on the stomach, the cushion should be very small or not at all. For sleeping people, most commonly used are pillows of medium thickness, which can be of larger dimensions, because they can then be placed under the shoulder. The strongest and thickest pillows are for those who sleep on the side. Get all the details atSleepjunkie.onlinein detail about the child mattresses.

Get the rest you deserve: how to choose a good mattress?

These products are a relatively expensive investment, so it never hurts to know how we can make them last longer in the best conditions.

An adequate mattress not only helps you keep your back healthy, but it also increases your quality of life because it provides you with adequate rest. But since in the market there is infinity of models, sometimes it is difficult to know which is best for you.

What is the best mattress for me?

Springs, foam, latex, viscoelastic. Which one to decide?

If you sleep on your back, in a supine position, on your back, choose hard mattresses.

If you sleep on your side, a mattress of less firmness may allow you to allow the shoulder to sink slightly until you find a comfortable position.

How much do you weigh?

If you weigh a lot, you will need firm mattresses that offer good support, because on a soft mattress you will sink too much.

Lighter people also need mattresses of greater flexibility, which adapt to their shape to distribute the weight better.

Although it depends on the taste of people,, a group specializing in sales of equipment for rest, from 0 to 10 years recommends mattresses with a firmness of 3 or higher, from 10 to 20 years chooses from 4 and up. If you weigh more than one hundred kilos, a firmness superior to 4 and mattresses of springs is advised.

Do you move a lot?

If you move a lot while you sleep, it is convenient for you to have a firm mattress that allows you to turn without effort, because on a soft mattress you would sink too much, and it would be harder to move.

Are you very hot?

If you spend heat, sweat easily or live in a warm place, spring mattresses are for you, because they ventilate better and are fresher. If on the contrary, you are cold, or you live in a place with low temperatures, the models of foam, latex or viscoelastic material will keep the heat better.

Monthly, during the first year of use and then every 3 months at least, turn the mattress in the “head-foot” direction and turn it from top to bottom. In this way, you will avoid possible caking of exterior materials. In some mattresses, this process is not necessarily due to its composition.

The mattress should not be bent, nor forced to enter it by doors or elevators, because certain models of mattresses are equipped with a stabilizing rod of contour that would be deformed and affect the performance of it.

For hygiene and proper maintenance of the mattress fabric, if you use protective cover, make sure that both the measurement of this and the adjustable sheets are appropriate to the mattress, since an excessive effort applied to the corners, could because of deformation.

Make sure that the base intended to support the mattress is rigid or flexible, but uniform, otherwise it will transmit irregularities on the mattress shell.

If you want to keep your mattress impeccable, dry cleaning of the cover is recommended.